Green Valley Chinooks is currently on hiatus from our breeding program. We plan to resume breeding in 2023, after our youngest girl, Mahi Mahi, has passed her health clearances.

In the meantime, I post sporadic updates of the dogs’ daily life on Green Valley Chinook’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you have any questions, I can be reached via e-mail at

Green Valley Chinooks is a preservation breeding program dedicated to the health and continuation of the Chinook dog breed. We are located just outside Auburn, WA, in a small agricultural valley halfway between Seattle and Mount Rainier. Our dogs are first and foremost beloved pets, and they are an integral part of daily life here on our small hobby farm. No day is mundane with a Chinook as your companion, and they fill our lives with love, loyalty, and laughter. We hope our puppies will do the same for their families, and serve as proud ambassadors for this rare and wonderful breed.